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Acceptance of situation, celebrating small victories, staying positive, having support, learning what is essential, learning to let go.

Making gratitude lists to lift your spirits.

Acceptance and use of assistive devices as soon as necessary to save your energy.

Be challenged daily to recognize blessings no matter in what form they meet you.

Know that it is important to rail on occasion, to have a good cry and then move on.

All important A's: acknowledgement, acceptance, adjustment, attitude, appreciation of today, asking for help.

Living with a chronic disease that leads to progressive loss of muscle strength, and therefore limitations in mobility, necessitates an almost perpetual grieving process. The acknowledgement and grieving for yet another thing you can no longer do or be involved in. There is an ongoing need to re-invent yourself because the old you is simply no longer there. Learning to let go and after acknowledging that and grieving your latest loss, you have to muster the will to move on and adjust to the new you. You do this being fully aware that this is just another fleeting moment and yet appreciating it to the fullest. CARPE DIEM!


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